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research lab:

Hi – my name is Erich Seamon.   I’m quantitative climatologist and data scientist – and currently a research scientist @ the University of Idaho’s Institute for Modeling, Collaboration, and Innovation ( My research focus is on the use of machine learning and spatiotemporal methods to explore associations of climate with differing facets of society – including agriculture and health.   I regularly build ML predictive models (linear/multivariate regression, logistic regression, naïve bayes, support vector machines, decision trees/random forest, KNN, kmeans, hierarchical clustering, convolutional and long-short term memory (LTSM) neural networks) using R, python, apache spark, and tensorflow.  My model outputs can be seen at I’ve worked for a number of organizations/research teams, including:

Institute for Modeling, Collaboration and Innovation ( – Currently a research scientist @ IMCI where my research focuses on mathematical modeling in relationship to climate and human health. Engaged in a number of research efforts as co-PI related to statistical modeling co-determinants of human health. My research lab can be found here: 

Soil Health Feedback SystemsCo-Principal Investigator on a two year project (2018-2020) funded thru the Socio-Environmental Synthesis Center (SESYNC) to explore socio-ecological feedback mechanisms in relationship to soil health (

Climate Impacts Research Consortium  – Engaged as a researcher with CIRC as a PhD student, working on data mining and climate impacts related to drought and agriculture ( CIRC is one of nine NOAA RISA teams that are exploring climate impact issues.

University of Idaho – worked from 2011-2018 as an environmental data manager for a 20M USDA climate change funded research team, Regional Approaches to Climate Change for Pacific Northwest Agriculture  (

City and County of San Francisco – Served as a senior GIS manager for the City and County of San Francisco under Mayors Willie Brown and Gavin Newsom.  Worked as technology liaison and project manager between the City’s technology department and other CCSF agencies (Assessor, Treasurer/Tax Collector, Real Estate, PUC, DPW, Recreation and Parks).  I performed a variety of technology leadership, financial, and project management functions.  I also oversaw the City’s Enterprise GIS efforts. 

Marin Municipal Water District – managed and developed GIS/work order systems for Marin County, CA’s, primary water utility service  (just north of San Francisco).

Northern Kentucky Area Planning Commission – was a senior analyst performing GIS planning and management services for the northern Kentucky regional area

Erich Seamon


Research lab:

Academic Curriculum Vitae 2022

Professional Summary

Results driven data scientist, with 20 years of experience in data science, machine learning and geographic information systems (GIS). Possess an M.S. in the geosciences, and certified as a project manager (PMP) and GIS professional (GISP).  I regularly build machine learning predictive models (linear/multivariate regression, logistic regression, naïve bayes, support vector machines, decision trees/random forest, KNN, kmeans, hierarchical clustering, convolutional and long-short term memory (LTSM) neural networks), using R, python, apache spark, and tensorflow.  My model outputs can be seen at


University of Idaho, Moscow, ID

Ph.D.  GIS and Natural Resources, Data Science and Agriculture focus

Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, OH

M.S. – Geosciences

Wittenberg University, Springfield, OH

B.A. – Geosciences, with GIS focus.

Certifications and Awards

  • Certified Project Management Professional (PMP)
  • Certified Geographic Information Systems Professional (GISP)
  • Certified Information Technology Infrastructure (ITIL) Foundation Certified
  • Certified GIS Expert in US Federal Court (Willits vs. City of Los Angeles)

Professional Experience

Research Scientist, University of Idaho, Institute for Modeling, Collaboration, and Innovation

June 2022 – Present

  • Engaged in climate and human health research (
  • Actively working on publications which look at spatiotemporal variations of COVID-19 deaths in relationship to a wide set of variables, including socioeconomics, demographics, political ideology, vaccination rates, and population density.
  • Developing natural language processing (NLP) methods which compare climatic associations to county-level health outcomes.

Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Idaho, Institute for Modeling, Collaboration, and Innovation

October 2019 – May 2022

  • Participate in geospatial modeling initiatives across differing disciplines and funding streams.
  • Population synthesis modeling for Idaho health indicator analysis. Development of iterative proportional fitting algorithms which use the Center for Disease Control’s (CDC) Behavioral Risk Factors Surveillance System (BRFSS) survey instruments.  Computational models constructed to modularly for reproducible research efforts.
  • Research work as part of the University of Idaho’s Pandemic Modeling Group (, which has been developing modeling techniques to explore health behavior and risk associated with SARS-CoV2.

PhD Student


Currently engaged in two funded research efforts that involve climate, agriculture, and data science:

  • Currently developing R and python based machine learning techniques to explore drought and agricultural commodity insurance loss for the Climate Impacts Research Consortium – 5-year effort to examine climate impacts in the Pacific Northwest (funded by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)).  Code and analysis examples provided on
  • Currently a collaborator on a soil health feedback systems project funded thru the Socio-Environmental Synthesis Center (  Developing R based structural equation (SEM) modeling and latent profile analysis techniques to examine relationships of cropping practices to soil health. Example analysis on

Environmental Data Manager, University of Idaho

December 2011 – March 2018

  • Implemented ArcGIS Server systems and RESTful interfaces, using python and R, as the Environmental Data Manager for a USDA/NIFA funded $20 million Coordinated Agricultural Project (  Example analysis on
  • Developed GIS based technical systems, including geodatabase design and maintenance, construction of data dashboards and analytical GIS tools (python). Constructed and personally maintained on Unix/Linux systems for University of Idaho’s Northwest Knowledge Network (
  • Development platforms used included python, PHP, Javascript, HTML5, and associated ArcGIS SDKs (ArcGIS Server, Arc Collector). Personally built all REACCHPNA systems, from systems design and administration, software implementation and maintenance, to application development and deployment.
  • Developed extract/transform/load functions to pull data from a multitude of datasets and databases, as well as construction metadata standards tools for data ingestion into ESRI geoportal software (ISO 19115). Used FME as part of this process.
  • Supervised three direct reports over the course of five years, supporting over two hundred individuals on the team. Provided regular status/progress reports on data management and GIS efforts to Project Director (Dr. Sanford Eigenbrode).
  • Prepared presentations and training workshops for teams related to GIS and data management, with a focus on ArcGIS, ArcGIS Online, and python.
  • Deployed web services to ArcGIS Online for easy access by users who were not familiar with GIS technology.

GIS Project Manager, ESA LLC

November 2005 – February 2011

  • Applied the use of advanced technology systems to make organizations successful, including Enterprise GIS development, GIS assessment and strategic planning, governmental systems architectural and life/cycle business development, water utility systems development.
  • Developed ESRI based applications in ArcGIS, ArcGIS Server, and Arc Collector, using python, for City of New Orleans, City of Portland, and City of Pittsburgh.

Senior GIS Project Manager, City and County of San Francisco

December 2000 – November 2005

  • Managed over $20 million annually in services for multiple business and technology systems, including Enterprise GIS, public utilities commission, public works, property/real estate analysis (Assessor/Recorder), and tax collection (Treasurer/Tax Collector).
  • Developed and implemented San Francisco’s first Enterprise GIS architecture using ESRI/ArcGIS software, consisting of ArcGIS Server, ArcIMS and ArcGIS geodatabase schemas for DB2.
  • Designed and deployed a multitude of GIS systems, including: SF police CrimeMAPS system (ArcGIS/Citrix system with active-passive servers using DB2 and storage area networks), Assessor parcel management ArcIMS applications, Real estate GIS web services, and PUC/DPW street maintenance GIS applications.
  • Provided regular presentations and status reports of GIS efforts to city agency heads, Mayors office, and other elected officials. Wrote technical documentation and strategic planning in support of developed systems.
  • Worked with legal staff to initiate enterprise GIS software agreements with ESRI, IBM, and Oracle, reducing overall costs for CCSF by 1.1 million thru software licensing efficiency.
  • Supervised twenty staff, including GIS programmers, analysts, and developers. Regularly worked with developers to assist and mentor project work, from coding to systems integration.


Senior GIS Analyst, Marin Municipal Water District

May 1997 – December 2000

  • Developed infrastructure and water utility GIS systems on Linux and Unix. Developed web services using ArcGIS Desktop, ArcGIS Server, and AutoCAD.
  • Managed a team of seven data technicians to convert over 1200 miles of water utility infrastructure to a digital format, with water utility attribute content integrated in a ESRI geodatabase format (over the course of three years). Integrated GIS services with Maximo work order management systems.
  • Coordinated pushing water infrastructure GIS content to internet and intranet services for access by constituents and internal team techs and engineers.
  • Served as the project manager for natural resource GIS development. Including coordinating and developing all GIS applications as they related to projects such as fire modeling, sediment streambed monitoring, soil erosion analysis, and watershed modeling.
  • Implemented project planning, scope management, and oversight of GIS team development work.

Machine Learning  and Statistical Modeling Experience

  • Actively develop a multitude of algorithmic models related to a variety of disciplines, including agriculture, climate, survey processing, soil health (Naiive Bayes, Decision Trees/Random Forest, Support Vector Machines, Convolutional and Long/Short Term Memory (LSTM) Neural Networks.
  • Am well versed in frequentist statistics techniques (linear regression, ANOVA/MANOVA, repeated measures, factor analysis, data transforms
  • Use large grouping of typical ML techniques to model improvement: ensembling, all variations of cross validation (LOOCV, 10 fold, etc), probabilistic and continuous error analysis, hyper parameter tuning.
  • Use R and python for machine learning model construction
  • Regularly perform feature extraction/feature transformation, data normalization, imputation, dummy coding
  • Am very familiar with zero-inflated modeling techniques
  • Deploy using Amazon Cloud/Web Services, or on independent high performance computing systems that are local
  • Provide access to model construction via my GitHub repositories at

Scientific Research

  • Led large data consolidations for both academic and governmental entities in the last five years (2013-2018) (,
  • Work on data management and machine learning processes around agriculture and climate, using python, R, and tensorflow, Apache Spark, MapReduce, Tomcat.  See active dashboards ( that showcase a portion of this work.
  • Regularly perform Linux/Unix administration/systems programming (bash) to support machine learning activities. Actively have several personal servers running Apache, Tomcat, MongoDB, python, R, Jupyter, Shiny Server.
  • Organize training and workshop efforts for data management and GIS for teams as large as 40.
  • Led Python-focused scientific discovery sessions for students involved in ecological and agricultural research at the University of Idaho.

Project Management Experience

  • Led technology project teams for academic, private sector, and government. Developed and implemented the City of San Francisco’s first Enterprise GIS program across 65 city agencies.  Currently PMP and GISP certified.
  • Strong presenter and conveyor of technology outcomes to both leadership and customers. Presented GIS technology topics for private firms as well as many conferences (ESRI, GITA, URISA, AGU). 

Private Sector and Governmental Leadership

  • Served as Liaison between Marin Municipal Water District and the Marin Telecommunications Agency, coordinating GIS infrastructure integration between 21 cities in Marin County, CA. Co-developed a Joint Powers Authority (MarinMAP) for this data sharing process.
  • Experienced in Agile, Waterfall and Scrum methodologies. Lead project manager for the City of Pittsburgh’s GIS E-911 street address data development (2009).
  • Worked as a consultant with CIBER, Inc. to assist the City of New Orleans right after Katrina, traveling to the region to provide GIS expertise for emergency efforts.
  • Served as analyst and manager on several long term complex technology projects – including:
    • Fire Modeling at the Marin Municipal Water District, in coordination with Marin County Fire;
    • Parcel/Service Meter relationship development with City and County of San Francisco;
    • Erosion and sedimentation modeling for the Mill Valley Watershed;
    • Parcel and utility management for Marin Municipal Water District and City and County of San Francisco
    • Technology cost management, budget management for City and County of San Francisco

Programming & Development 

  • Experienced with all forms of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) software, including ArcGIS Desktop, ArcGIS Server, ArcSDE, ERDAS, GRASS, QGIS, MapInfo, MapReduce.
  • Extensive programming experience in R and Python. Well versed in parallel processing libraries for python and R (Gdal, GEOS, Maptools, spplot/ggplot, caret, dplyr).
  • Database experience: Well versed in database structures and SQL scripting using PostgresQL, Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, MySQL, MongoDB. Strong database development and modeling, as well as UML design experience in Visio. Applied geoDB experience in an ESRI environment (ArcGIS desktop connections, deployment integrated with ArcGIS Server).
  • Have performed extensive GIS analyses in both desktop and server-based environments. Experienced with map projections, coordinate systems, spatial statistics, georeferencing, and geo-metadata development.
  • Good understanding of security and deployment protocols for publically-facing GIS web services, at an application and systems/networking level. SELinux experience.
  • Experienced with Apache and Tomcat server deployments, Java/Javascript, PERL. Developed a Java-based ESRI Geoportal Server for GIS data management on Linux for 300+ users (Linux)
  • UNIX and Linux administrator experience – very knowledgeable in shell scripting, web configuration, SSH.
  • Experienced in geospatial data mining with regards to large data clouds – and providing analytical perspectives (report, presentation, data model review, etc.).
  • Taught Introduction to Geospatial Analysis for Natural Resource Management, Forestry 375, University of Idaho.  Spring 2016. 70 students, one teaching assistant.

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